Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Weekend: Gubbey Records- Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2

         This Friday (Nov. 29) Gubbey Records is releasing what they call a love letter from the Louisville music scene, a compilation called Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2. Due, I'm sure, to the album's length it is only available in cassette format which comes with a digital download. Though you'd be hard pressed to find a functioning cassette player outside of an Oldsmobile these days, this release stands alone as Louisville's longest analog-format compilation, documenting forty six Louisville acts.
         We at 37flood have been anxiously awaiting this release for quite some time now (the promo poster's been hanging up at HQ for the past couple months). Boasting genres from bluegrass, power pop, avant garde, noise, experimental hip-hop, and punk, Gubbey lives up to their reputation of promoting obscure, isolated, and eclectic Louisville music made in Louisville, by Louisville, and for Louisville.
         Here's our top 20 (ordered as they appear on the album):
  • Rude Weirdo- Rodney the King
  • The Cut Family Foundation- Wrecked
  • Asm A Tik- Temporalis
  • Furlong- Hoarder Fire
  • Humongous- Russian Space Things 
  • Adventure- Pollen in my Beard
  • The Decline Effect- Serpent to Slay
  • D'arkestra- Tonight
  • Bush League- Doublethink
  • Bus Hus- The Freedom you Were, The Fascist you Are
  • Sick City Four- Kamui Song
  • Whistlin' Rufus- The Kentucky One-step
  • The Sandpaper Dolls- Across the wire
  • Mr. Samples- Stimulate This
  • Empira Vultura- Grace
  • Hitchhike- June Bug
  • Blackbirds of Paradise- I Love You (But I don't know why)
  • Plastic Bubble- Respectable Establishment
  • Vice Tricks- Holiday
  • The Mack- New Way to Begin
        For ten dollars, this tape is a steal. You couldn't even get this much music on itunes for less than fifty bucks, so why not hop in the Oldsmobile and cruise for a couple hours, match the sights of the city to the sounds?

         To go with Head Cleaner Vol. 1&2, Gubbey Records is having an equally massive release show this weekend with three separate events at Modern Cult and The New Vintage.

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