Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Record Store Day!

It's the second 'Record Store Day' of the year, and despite it feeling a little pimped out at this point, audiophiles like us aren't complaining too much. there is an avalanche of record store day releases this time around, most of which are reissues and box sets, with some honest to goodness must haves thrown in..
of the box sets the Cheap Trick & Harry Nilsson  collections look good, of the reissues finally the Steve Albini mix of Nirvana's In Utero  will be available, and there are some reissue 7"s out there too (Sly & The Family Stone  and The Standells stand out). For my money, the Scott H. Biram gospel 7" seems like a sure bet, read our review here, and for local releases you should be able to grab the THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is For Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers on vinyl and cassette and the Gubbey Records 46 track compilation Head Cleaner on double cassette.

THERE IS NO ONE vinyl explosion

Tomorrow night at New Vintage The Bottom Sop is playing at the Gubbey Records release show, I know nothing about them, but I cannot stop listening to their track from Head Cleaner. can't wait to hear more from this band.. I'll see you out there!

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