Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Second Story Man 2/14

SSM @ New Vintage
This month is momentous  for the sheer amount of 15 year anniversary reunion shows; including Second Story Man (12/14 New Vintage), Starkiller (12/21 Zanzabar) and Team Totoro (12/31 Haymarket). It was a wondrous and mysterious time 15 years ago for music. Grunge was officially dead and buried  and no one quite knew where music was heading, so Louisville decided to explore every direction. Bands like The Hookers, Glass Pack, and Starkiller headed the rock front, Team Totoro, Music For Nintendo, and VHS or Beta went into the electronic frontiers, and Second Story Man, Pajo, and others pushing the broken heart pop/rock front. The world may have settled on something else entirely but Louisville never bothered to follow the world, the world could follow us if they wanted, but we have always been fine doing what we do best, never mind if anyone else is listening.
Saturday Second Story Man hit the stage at The New Vintage after a three year hiatus with a fervor and precision as if it was still that magical  time 15 years ago when anything could happen. This line up saw veteran drummer Evan Bailey now on guitar and vocals, and Drew Osbourne taking his place on the skins,  Jeremy Irvin on Bass, and the ever captivating Carrie Neumayer on vocals and guitar. Evan seemed right at home with his new position as resident shredder, and Carrie gracious as always as the SSM frontman. 
The only noticeable drawback was the short-ish set of about half a dozen songs for the packed room excited to see this Louisville Mainstay after several years. But the set ended with their powerful cover of Will Oldham's Riding complete with horns and organ, as heard on the new THERE IS NO ONE  compilation, to an amazed audience. 
If you need more Second Story Man in your life, no need to wait another 3 years, they are planning more shows in the future including one in January. And the band members themselves are also contributing to other great projects including Jeremy's solo work (Eremy*Jirvin), Even's solo work (Piñata Me) and Carrie's impressive Julie Of The Wolves.

This brand new song You Never Know was just released by SSM and played live at New Vintage.

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