Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Planetary Overdrive Self-Titled LP

Today, March 31st, Louisville band Planetary Overdrive released their eponymous first album. Planetary Overdrive has been playing the Louisville area for about a year and consists of husband and wife Dan & Nat Sturdevant and drummer Cam Thomas.

The album plays as if Randy Bachman (from Bachman turner Overdrive) recorded an album with Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top) backed by The Donnas. Which is to say, it is a straight up party record. The first track, Party Weekend, is a testament to Planetary Overdrive's skill at rocking the party.

Lead vocalist and expert axe shredder Dan Sturdevant said of the track "I had always wanted to write an anathematic song about the frame of mind and lifestyle that is Party Weekend. Going out with your friends and just having a good ole time no matter what kind of week you had." This Party Weekend theory was also the basis for Dan's brother Nate Sturdevant's legendary hot sauce (of the same name) used by New Wave Burritos.

The 8 song party continues with Burn Out, followed by Just Drive, a full on 80s dirty rock anthem aimed at taking that party on the road. There's no rhythm guitar here, and it's not missed, just two and half minutes of hair metal solos with gang style vocals by the Sturdevants.

The album takes a solemn turn with ballads Along The Road and Over The Years (complete with Sax solo by Travis Stanton) reminiscent of the more pensive Murder City Devil tracks, before returning to dirty party time with Tennessee SunriseGot It Made and Better In Red.
The 8 track self titled album was produced by the band and features Dan Sturdevant's shredding skills on every track backed by Cam on drums and Nat on bass while supplying backing vocals that are curiously soaked in reverb and dropped low in the mix. Personally I like my party upfront and would have preferred to have the entire band turned up to eleven, but as that is my only reservation with this album, I'd say Planetary Overdrive presented a fine first attempt at bringing the hot sauce to the party.

Planetary Overdrive self tittled album Release show with Adventure & Jet Black Orchid is tonight, March 31st, at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. 9pm. $5.

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