Monday, July 10, 2017

Interview: Jake Hellman of Never Nervous and Quiet Hollers

As part of 37FLOOD's 10th Anniversary we have asked Louisville writers to talk about music, Louisville, culture, and what it's like writing about it all in the Derby City. We will be posting the interviews throughout the summer.

Jake Hellman is a music and culture writer for the Louisville entertainment blog formed in 2011,  Never Nervous,  and is the bassman for Quiet Hollers, whose third album Amen Breaks was released on 7/7/17. They will be playing Forecastle on 7/14/17. 

37- How long have you been covering music in Louisville?

JH- Since 2012

37- What made you decide to cover music in Louisville?

JH- I was blogging on my own about random things that intrigued me, as well as writing for and Phillip Olympia and I were hanging out at Forecastle and he asked if I was interested in writing for his website. For me it was a way to stay in touch with the local music scene that I had always loved.

37- What has been the most exciting or rewarding  post you have written?

JH- 2 moments come to mind. A few weeks ago a hip hop show was held at Z-Bar to thank us for the work we do at NN. That was a special moment for me. As we were on stage being presented a thank you it just felt surreal. I grew up in Bullitt County loving hip hop and learning to play bass to it, but I never thought I would actually get to be a part of it.

Personally, my most rewarding post was randomly reviewing Quiet Hollers self titled album. I fell in love with the music. A few months later I was in the band. It's funny how things come together that way sometimes.

37- Has there been a scandalous situation you have been involved with during your time as a music writer?

JH- I've never had a “scandal” situation thankfully. The first review I ever wrote for NN was for the first Shadowpact album. I kind of took a dump on it. I didn't hate it completely but I was brutally honest about how I felt about it in that moment. Now I like the album and I'm great friends with those guys. They sometimes thank me for my honesty in that post, but I don't feel great about it.

37- What Local music publications or writers do you keep up with?

JH- LEO, 37Flood (DUH!), and Syd Bishop, Scott Roecker, Phillip Olympia, Allen Poe, RJ Meads. I've got love for everyone who gives their time to this sometimes penniless and thankless profession.

37- What are some of your favorite events you have covered?

JH- Definitely Poorcastle. If anything represents what the guys at NN are all about, it is that Festival.

Next on my list would be last years NN Christmas party. There was a vibe that day that I've never experienced before or after. Everyone was loving life and enjoying great music in Phil’s living room (AKA Never Nervous Headquarters).

37- What do you see in the future for Louisville Music?

JH- Louisville has the potential to be a smaller version of what New Orleans is. A music scene that is respected worldwide. A city that no matter what day you show up you will see some amazing music, and probably party hard too. There are so many great bands making waves nationally and internationally right now. I think the next step is seeing our hip hop scene expand outside of the city limits as well. I feel like that's about to happen with producers like Eons D putting in some amazing work.

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