Thursday, December 14, 2017

Album Review: A Howell Dawdy Christmas

Louisville's favorite misanthrope comic hip hop artist Howell Dawdy has just dropped a digital christmas album entitled A Howell Dawdy Christmas.

Howell Dawdy, the alter ego of Louisville Musician Alex Smith, is no stranger to holiday themed music, such as the halloween-esque 'Boo I'm A Ghost' from 2013, or 2014's Flying Reindeer,  which is a Christmas themed reworking of his cult hit Fire Extinguisher, much like James Brown's reworking of Papa's Got A Brand New Bag into Santa's Got A Brand New Bag.

Howell Dawdy's Christmas album runs the gamut from slapstick Alvin and the Chipmunks style holiday tracks such as Rat Christmas, to the surprisingly meaningful Don't Ruin Christmas,  much like LCD Soundsystem's  'Christmas Can Break Your Heart' marking a strange but triumphant return from retirement on Christmas eve 2015.

Christmas is a marvelous time when we do a bunch of things we would never do otherwise, like cover our houses in twinkling lights, drink egg nog, and listen to music we forget about the rest of the year. For those like me, who revel in holiday tradition (and holiday music) there is no lack for Christmas themed music. If holly jolly music is a must in your home this December, and if you are  the good Louisvillians that we know you are,  there is no lack of Louisville Christmas music to brighten your holidays, and you could do much worse than A Howell Dawdy Christmas, or last year's Louisville Covers Christmas from This Man Records.

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