Friday, December 8, 2017

New Video: Clownvis Presley "Don't Be a Bitch (Or You Won't Get Stuff for Christmas)"

Everybody's favorite "Show Me State" musical clown,  Clownvis Presley, has just released a new video for the holidays called "Don't Be a Bitch (Or You Won't Get Stuff for Christmas)."

Presley, who has gained a following over the years with his inventive music videos (and a public access TV show) with an extended universe of characters (called the Clownvis Mafia), is no stranger to holiday pomp and pageantry.

Past Presley Christmas offerings include "Coming For You On Christmas", "Mutant Boy Christmas Song", the Clownvis Time! "Clownvis Christmas Special"  and the cult hit "Jesus Christ Eatin' on a Chicken Wing."

Clownvis Presley (Left) with Santa Claus (Right)

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