Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Interview: Daniel Retone of the Crossover Series

Daniel Retone is a stagehand for Production Simple and works with many of Louisville's venues including Headliners Music Hall and is the organizer for the Crossover Series.
Daniel Retone

37: What was your motivation for starting the Crossover Series?

DR: I want to accomplish a couple things with The Crossover Series. One, to get a couple different types of fanbases together and just have a good fucking time; To make local shows fun and a little rowdy so that we want to go to them again. I want the quality of what you're gonna experience worth the admission price for once. 

37: What is on the agenda for the first Crossover event?

DR: I'm gonna do drink specials. How awesome would an $8-$9 shot and a beer be in a music venue? I also added a popular farm to table chef in Railroad Joe. I want there to be a good food option to soak up some booze. The other goal of mine is to eventually find a unique sound. One that Louisville can claim for its own. That's ultimately what I want to see happen. That's why I went with the combination of up and coming "folkgrass" group Mama Said String Band, bluegrass band Hot Brown Smackdown and local favorite metal band Ohlm. 

Ohlm is going a more bluegrassy route and should melt people's face off. Some members are going to Crossover and play with each other. Hopefully resulting in something of a "prograss" or "farm metal" sound. I'm stoked about it and am already coming up with ideas for the next one.

37: Could you give us a couple ideas you are thinking of for the next Crossover event?

DR: I'm thinking about having the next one at Headliners again or possibly Z bar... hell maybe even the castle in Versailles. 

37: What other bands and/or chefs would you like to work with?

DR: I'm not sure about the bands yet. I'm thinking maybe thrash punk crossed over with an intense outlaw country sorta vibe. Kinda like a Hank III thing. 

37:  Which genres would you think would work well together as a crossover?

DR: I would also like to work with a hip hop act and cross that with something like the Louisville Leopard Percussionists or a marching band. I just don't want obvious mash ups. 

I'd like for some weird ones as well. As far as the chef, that's up in the air as well. I was gonna see how Railroad Joe (chef for Fuzzy Zoeller) does and maybe keep going with him but you brought up an interesting idea and that's to switch up the chefs as well. I guess it all really depends on what people will get hyped about. 

37: What does Railroad have in mind for the menu?

DR: His 'que is pretty dope. He's planning on having smoked Mexican street corn on the cob, smoked turkey legs, pulled pork sandwich and brisket tacos with a fresh jalapeno slaw. Easy to eat and good amount of options. 

37: What music genres do you see as having a particular relation to Louisville?

DR: I really think a sorta thrash and outlaw country mix could potentially pave the way for that distinct sound I'd like for our city to have. I really think "Farm Metal" can be a thing.

Good bands, good food and good prices on booze. It's not that hard but yet doesn't happen anymore. It's time to change that. But again, I just wanna get people together and make local shows insane and fun again. That's really it. Whatever awesome shit happens as a byproduct is just icing in the cake.

The first Crossover Series is April 28th at Headliners Music Hall with Ohlm, Hot Brown Smackdown, and Mama Said String Band, and will feature chef Railroad Joe.

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