Thursday, March 1, 2018

Review: The Breeders 'All Nerve' LP

There is a short list of musicians that can consistently dish out relevant music over a 30 year career, and Kim Deal is definitely at the tippy top of the short list.

Joining The Pixies in 1986, the 56 year old Deal has been in several groups since including The Amps and The Breeders, which produced a no. 2 hit on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart with "Cannonball'' from 1993's Last Splash.

Last Splash arrived on the heels of the critically acclaimed 1990 album Pod, but a slight departure of Pod's melancholy sound for the more pop-punchy feel of The Pixies.
Since Last Splash, The Breeders returned to a more Pod-eque sound on 2002's excellent Title TK, and 2008's Mountain Battles.

The Breeders newest, All Nerve, being released tomorrow March 2nd, consists of the 1992 Last Splash line-up including Deal's twin sister Kelley, and unsurprisingly echoes the feel of Last Splash with mostly upbeat fuzed out tracks such as the single 'Wait In The Car' or the title track which mirrors "Drivin' on 9" (from Last Splash), but also dips into Deal's dream pop world such as "Walking With A Killer" reminiscent of Title TK's "Off You".

Wether you fall within the melancholy pop side or fuzz pop side of the Breeders, All Nerve will surely not disappoint fans of Kim Deal and her twin Kelley.

  All Nerve is released March 2nd. A small edition on 180gm Orange Vinyl edition is available for a limited time. 

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