Thursday, July 5, 2018

7/5: New Louisville Hip Hop Activist Album

Today, July 5th, Louisville Is For Lovers is releasing the first full length solo album by veteran hip hop artist MC HIJACK. As part of our protest music series, Broken Bottles And Brickbats with social activist group The Electric Church Of The Tambourine, all albums in the series are available for free download, but in a completely new approach HIJACK's Tender Pieces will be available in CD format for FREE as well. A limited run of 100 copies of the new HIJACK CD are available in Louisville at Guestroom Records store as well as available in mail order for just a S&H fee of $3 US($5 outside US).

Free downloads will be available on their Bandcamp page. But, as Bandcamp does not allow it's members to give away physical media at no charge, the CD will be available to order exclusively on the Louisville Is For Lovers website, or by clicking the button below:

 Order your FREE CD copy of HIJACK's Tender Pieces here:

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