Monday, January 7, 2019

Albums that Daeodon are looking forward to in 2019

We asked Daeodon guitarist John Torstrick and vocalist Sam LeMay for a list of artists and albums they are looking forward to most in 2019.

 1. Deftones
 Sam: I wasn’t really a fan of 2016’s ‘Gore’ but I still bought it. It just seemed a little off. Come to find out their guitarist Stephen Carpenter wasn’t really into the songs on that record, and maybe that had something to do with it. Deftones have never left my playlists, and hopefully their new one in 2019 is back to business for them.

2. Flaming Lips
 John: ‘The Soft Bulletin’ is a masterpiece. Always excited for new Flaming Lips.

3. Mastodon
 John: I’ve only recently started digging into their catalog, and I have a long way to go. These guys seem super inventive and unique, I’ll be checking this out in 2019.

 Sam: Mastodon is one of my favorite bands. ‘Emperor of Sand’ was amazing and so was the ‘Cold Dark Place’ EP. The more melodic and psychedelic they lean, the more I like it… although Brent Hinds was talking about doing a country album on ‘Let There Be Talk’ Podcast with Dean Delray. That would be a trip.

4. My Morning Jacket
John: I love 2005’s ‘Z,’ and will definitely check out what direction MMJ decides to go for their next album.

5.  Pearl Jam
 John: I've been a big fan since ‘Ten,’ but lost touch with them after ‘Yield.’ Still waiting for Eddie to reel me back in. I’ll be checking out their 2019 release, but might end up going back to ‘Vitalogy’ for rocking PJ.

6. Tool
 John: They have the best chance of releasing something mind-blowing this year. I would never bet against Tool. If they seriously plan to release a new album this year, expect a banger (not sure what “banger” means, but sounds about right).
 Sam: Maynard has said the reason he is in so many projects is because he needs to create, and create often. A Perfect Circle just released some really orchestral and emotional tracks on ‘Eat The Elephant’ and Maynard is one of my biggest influences so of course I’m ready for the next tool album. Jeez. Who isn’t at this point?!

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