Sunday, December 29, 2019

Favorites List of 2019

    At the end of every year when we compile our Year End Favorites we remark on how great the music was that year, and surely think it can't be beat, and then the next year's list comes in and and we, again, are amazed.

   What was apparent for 2019 that is rare, is that great albums were released all year long, not stacked around key sales dates like Black Friday/RSD days. Kelly Finnigan, Sharon Van Etten, and Shana Cleveland all had early release dates and are all solid records by solo artists; and same for our #1 full length album pick, Orville Peck's Pony LP, released in March and still in heavy rotation here at the 37FLOOD HQ. Not surprising is the amount of high quality local albums released this year, including Hawks, DJ DS, Planetary Overdrive, Twin Limb, Bonnie 'prince' Billy, Dr. Dundiff, and a lot more.

   It continued to be an amazing (and puzzling) year for physical media. Imaginative vinyl packages such as Angel Olsen's All Mirrors on double clear vinyl with poster and booklet for the steal of a price at $24 and the posthumous Leonard Cohen Thanks For The Dance, which is gorgeous, but follows the major label president for charging way to much for no damn reason; $30 for one black vinyl LP with no booklet or even download card. The Lightning Dust Spectre LP on orange moon marble, and Mattiel's Satis Factory on cautionary yellow were very clever with no additional cost at $22 each. Orville Peck's Pony was originally released on splatter yellow vinyl and red cassette at a steal of $17 and $8 respectively but sold out immediately; The underappreciated Boduf Songs and Kelly Finnigan LPs both available on archival quality vinyl at no upcharge, and there were some interesting bundles as well; Bonnie 'prince' Billy's I Made A Place bundle (at the hefty $50) came with a 7" single not available individually and in a limited edition tote.

Some great 2019 albums failed to get vinyl releases, most notably the Twin Limb and Prayer Line albums, although the latter is available on blood red cassette. Whatever your media preference, 2019 stacked up nicely on creativity, quality, and diversity of genre.

Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
Great Value: 2 Clear LPs + Poster= $24
Lightning Dust - Spectre
Good Value: 1 Marble LP = $22
Leonard Cohen 'Thanks For The Dance'
Least Value: 1 Black LP = $30

Full Length Albums:
20. Karen & the Sorrows - Guaranteed Broken Heart
19. Frankie Cosmos - Close it Quietly
18. Shana Cleveland - Night of the Worm Moon
17. Boduf Songs - Abyss Versions
16. Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel
15. DJDS - Vibes
14. Prayer Line - Drink The Blood
13. Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
12. White Reaper - You Deserve Love
11. Bonnie 'prince' Billy - I Made A Place
10. The Hu - The Gereg
9. Dr. Dundiff - The Distance
8. Twin Limb - In The Warm Light, As A Ghost
7. Leonard Cohen - Thanks For The Dance
6.  Angel olsen - All Mirrors
5. Hawks - Truth Will Out
4. Lightning Dust - Spectre
3. Kelly Finnigan - The Tales People Tell
2. Mattiel - Satis Factory
1. Orville Peck - Pony (37FLOOD approved)

Orville Peck 'Pony' Paper Cut Out Fan Art

 Cover Albums, Compilations, Soundtracks, & Reissues:

10. V/A - Louisville Is For Lovers 2007
9. Rob Halford - Celestial
8. V/A - Louisville Is For Lovers 2010
7. Big Trouble Little China OST
6. The Pop Group: Y (Definitive Edition)
5. V/A - Louisville Is For Lovers 2009
4. V/A - River City Rumble Vol. 2
3. V/A - Louisville Is For Lovers 2006
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling OST
1. Louisville Is For Lovers 2019 - American Promenade (37FLOOD approved)

EPs & Singles:
10. Body Count - Carnivore
9. Black Mountain - What's Your Conquest?
8. Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen - Fear, Love, and Greed
7. Tristen - Dream Within A Dream
6. Planetary Overdrive - Manual Override
5. Dom B - Dark Heart
4. Twin Limb - Water
3. Lala Lala & WHY? - Siren 042
2.  Bonnie 'prince' Billy - At the Back Of the Pit
1. Davilà 666 - Huesos Viejos (37FLOOD approved)

Louisville Shows:

15. Rock N Roll $20 Art Show w/Hawks
14. The Pleasure Boys & Sour Milk Sea Allstar Band at Kaiju
13. Hawks, Los Dolores, & The Captain The Ship at Zanzabar
12. Juneteenth at Butchertown Social
11. 2019 Louder Than Life
10. Adia Victoria at Waterfront Wednesday
9. Planetary Overdrive and Proles at Kaiju
8. Wingerfest 

7. Louisville Is For Lovers 2019 Live Lunch with Hawks & Planetary Overdrive
6. Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's Showcase
5. The Glasspack, Call Me Bronco, Sound Company, Wiirmz at Headliners
4. Clownvis at Trixies Tiger Room
3. Mono, Emma Ruth Rundle, & Dane Waters at Headliners
2. 2019 Bourbon And Beyond
1. Cowboy Kev at Butchertown Social

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