Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cabin @ The Original Highlands Art & Music Festival

I started my evening off at the Outlook Inn down on Baxter directly behind the west stage with some yummy brews (Thanks for the hospitality, Outlook). I sat out on the street just next to the band as they had their pre-set drinks.

Cabin took the stage a little after 7pm and didn't release us until shortly before 8. With a few tracks from their current EP, some from their full length "Govern the Good Life" and a few new/unknown to me, they played nearly an hour. The warmth that is Cabin wrapped it's rich violin, keys, guitars, bass and drums around the audience. They have such an addictive sound that is great in a studio setting and as we're learning, even better live.

Without further Adieu... here is my recording of last Saturday's Cabin show at The Original Highlands Art and Music Festival. Thanks to Cabin for letting us record their set.

Pictures are here.

Buy Cabin's latest release "I Was Here" or "Govern the Good Life" Here or at Ear X-tacy locally.

01 Musical Seats
02 In the Wake of
03 I Was Here
04 Because it Wasn't Perfect
05 Cover Your Eyes
06 Dull Knives
07 The Long Fall

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Unknown said...

thanks so much for the kind words and recordings! we really appreciate it!

sarah (and the rest of CABIN)