Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wax Fang - Original Highlands Art & Music Festival

If you missed the Original Highlands Music Festival this past Saturday, you missed a super friendly atmosphere of a couple thousand folks that spent the day getting faces painted and enjoying a drink or two. This stretch of two blocks literally felt like a warm hug! With the threat of rain looming, the sky never opened up for much longer than to let a few stray drops through here and there.
We were there to catch the final few performances. I managed to get a damned good recording of Cabin's and Wax Fang's set along with some nice photographs. As usual, the Fang came with an awesome show that included many favorites as well as some new ones like, Black and Endless Nights Revisited. Like many of their sets, they pull off a nice cover of a classic 70's tune; this time WF covered Black Sabbath's "The Wizard." Also, thanks to Scott and Company for throwing us for a loop with "The Doctor" not following "Oh Recklessness" and "Avant Guardian Angel Dust" closing the set instead of opening. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend getting out in the near future to check them out as well as getting to ear X-tacy and purchasing "Black and Endless Night."
This was only our second time catching Cabin after seeing them earlier this summer at Waterfront Wednesday. They have a very nice earthy sound that always tends to put you at ease. We'll post more about Cabin in a day or two.
We also caught the last few songs of The Slow Break's set, a husband-wife, husband-wife team which never disappoint. They bring an energy that flows past the stage and into the crowd to get asses shaking.
Click here for a picture gallery and below are links to the mp3s of Wax Fang's set. I'll post Cabin's in a day or two so keep and eye out.

01 Intro
02 Cannibal Summer
03 WWII part 2
04 Can You See the Light?
05 Sound Observations
06 Sweet Bloody Murder
07 The Wizard (Black Sabbath)
08 Over the Night is Before
09 Majestic
10 Oh Recklessness
11 Black and Endless Night Revisited
12 Hearts are Made for Beating
13 Bi Polar Bear
14 The Doctor
15 Avant Guardian Angel Dust

Buy Black and Endless Night online, at Ear X-tacy on Bardstown Rd or on iTunes.

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