Wednesday, August 11, 2010

embrace your inner Proletariat! Scott Biram 8/11 David Alan Coe 8/14

tonite is the ultimate show down. in one brightly lit corner (the beautiful Iroquois amphitheater) is everyone's favorite blues revivalists Black Keys. In the Other smaller orner is lesser known bluesman Scott H. Biram. no Doubt the Black Keys show will have all the bells and whistles a $40 ticket promises. $8 at Zanzabar offers a man on stage. but i find myself with the same enthusiasm for Biram that i had for the Keys way back when they were playing small barrooms and selling records out of a van. there is just some kind of energy from a musician playing music he loves for whomever will listen, with no guarantee or VIP meet and Greet sessions. for my money, i'd rather give it to the under dog, the man playing the same night one of the biggest bands in the country is playing down the street, and doesn't seem to mind there might be only a few people there to witness.
so i say, give the little man a chance, take a chance on yourself, take that other path.
and for that matter, next week you'll have a chance to take a truly different path when David Alan Coe plays the Rustic Frog in New Albany. here are 3 reasons you should do this.
1) it is the only time you'll drive on old river road and not be heading to a casino.
2)it is at a strip club
3)this is the man that sang "I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison..."
david alan coe at the rustic frog sat 14th new albany. $25

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