Monday, August 30, 2010

LFPL gets by with a little help from their friends...

The Louisville Free Public Library has just launched a cool feature that highlights local music right here in Louisville. The LFPL's Music Corner is a place to find local music at your local library and check it out to sample music you may otherwise overlook. CDs can be reserved at various branches online and if it's checked out, you can reserve it for the future.
After talking to Scott Condra who champions the program, I am sending a call out to you local musicians that read the site and ask that you possibly help out Scott at the Library by donating a few copies of your albums for kids and grown-ups alike to sample your tunes. This is a different world that when I was a wee one and there's MyFace and SpaceBook for your to market yourselves but why not flip it back to old school and help us keep our local libraries open and relevant when they attempt innovation. After all, what local artist couldn't use a few more pairs of ears listening to them; you never know, you may spark some inspiration in the youth of this fair city who may not be able to use a computer at home or get to the bars to hear you, etc.

Thanks for listening and lending our public services a hand!

To coordinate with Scott, email him at

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