Friday, August 13, 2010

Dark Night Of The Soul revisited

a year and a half ago we reviewed a wonderful collaboration between Danger mouse and Sparklehouse called DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. (read the review here). the full length album contains a mountain of guest musicians such as Iggy Pop, vic chestnut, Susan Vega, Frank Black and others. at the time of our review the album had not been formally released due to fears of a legal battle between Danger mouse and EMI. so the album creators leaked the album on file share sites and sold a limited edition book of 100+ color photographs inspired by the music created by cult film director David Lynch, and came with a blank CDR with the album name printed on it.
on July 15th the album finally got a proper release, which came too late for co-creator Mark linkous (Sparklehouse) who died under suspicious circumstances in March (see our obituary here).
it is a very worthwhile album to have, especially if you are a Sparklehorse fan, as this may be the last posthumous work of his we will get. the album is available here. and for any photographers out there, right now Hipstomatic is running a photo contest and the winners receive free signed copies of the album, as well as other stuff like iphones. read more about it here.

Susan Vega playing the man who played god from DNOTS.

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