Thursday, October 28, 2010

Editorial: LVAA art auction

Nov. 12th is the annual LVAA art auction, at $100 a plate. it's a fun time for people who can afford it, i worked it one year as a helper. i have also been on the other side as an artist. i made a peice of a girl opening her mouth. a woman bought it, and then called me to ask if it was sexual, or if it was ok to show in public(the answer: both). I was never asked again to donate, which is kinda sad, i really enjoyed doing it.. maybe next year.
 Back when my father was an artist, anyone who donated work got tickets to the event. but along the way, they decided to scrap that idea and have a separate event for the artists, which caused a rift in the art community for awhile, but didn't stop people from donating work worth well more than $200 in dinner tickets.
a while back i was in a public art project (in another town) where 4 artists created public work, and at the opening the mayor gave a speech and said "without these people, this work would not be here.." and then he listed about 15 people i never met during my work on the project. needless to say the artists were the last ones listed. it has become normal to set the artists in the background these days, perhaps only because it's hard to find work as an artist, so we'll take the abuse. without the artists, the Art Auction would not exist.  and a 2 hour party with free cheap bear is no excuse for keeping them out of the festivities. we should be so lucky to have so many great artists in this town, instead we are taking them for granted. I like the tradition of the annual art auction, but we shouldn't loose site that the LVAA is supposed to SUPPORT the arts, not take advantage of it.
So, if you can't afford the actual auction, or would rather be able to talk to the artists..
tonight is the Artists party, and it's free and open to anyone.
125 works of art, free beer/food @ 3005 River Rd. 6-8 PM.

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