Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: The Late Seating on 10/22/10

 Last Friday was The Last THE LASTE SEATING AT ACTOR'S of the year, and unfortunately my first.. if you haven't been, it is a really unique idea mixing art, music, interviews, and performance in an intimate setting. This time included a performance a of Linda & Kirk & The Mouse Incident by Brian Walker, music by Joe Manning and Joan Shelley, art and music by Saredren Wells, an interview with the Young Schemels, and Graham Shelby. 
The Late Seating is in it's 5th season, and personally i think it's a wonderful idea, and with some tweaking could be a terrific series. Featured Artists have about 20 minutes to perform and interact with a host, and are generally booked through a submission process. there doesn't seem to be much cohesion between the acts in this manner, and could see a curator of sorts helping make this process stronger. The crowd this time seemed to be mostly friends and family with plenty of seats available. i could see the series on a more of set schedule to help attendance. 
 i did enjoy the intimacy of the event, and getting to know the artists more through the Q&A periods. but most of the questions are pretty uniform and asked by the host. I remember seeing Shellac play maybe a decade ago, where they opened the floor up for Q&A and getting some very interesting questions and incredibly insightful answers.. and could see this series becoming more audience guided. Perhaps let the audience submit artists they would like to see and let them interact with their favorite Artists.  But honestly i do like this series idea, and can't wait to see many more in the upcoming year.

 Saredren Wells starts off the night with music, original photos and video, and of corse a discussion..

Scott Moore poses in the Actor's Parking garage.. sort of symbolizing his performance that night for The Late Seating, as well as his future performance next weekend with Wax Fang at the Yum! Bucket (behind him in the window) during the MMJ show.

The Young Schemels (Jason Noble, Christian Frederickson, Amber Estes) discuss the new album "The Tempest" that was originally written for an Actor's Production of the Shakespeare play.

Joe Manning and Joan Shelley absolutely crush every heart in the room during this, their first bill together. several songs were written by them both just for the 2 to duet each other in front of us. if any of this becomes a recording for sale, you'd better jump at it. Manning is famous for his small run, hard to find self releases, such as the newest "clever Bird" and classic "Chapel of the Bear".

Mr. King poses perfectly for a metromix photo.. and was on hand with Louisville is for lovers releases (5 records given away, zero purchased). Thanks for the Pic Marty Pearl!

Last photo of the night... 12:30 am

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