Sunday, October 17, 2010

Justin Bieber: AN UNSTOPPABLE MONSTER (@ yum! center on 11/10)

Justin Bieber released his 1st autobiography last week, he is 16 years old and i hate him. And just like that..... 37 FLOOD EDITORIALS is born!
-i realize some of my reviews are loosely veiled musings and editorials, so i have decided to create a page for them, and perhaps now i will not have to be so coy about my ravings. And so... some thoughts (and actual relevant news) on Justin "oh baby" Bieber.
i don't know if i hate him, but it's hard to like a teenager who has released a total of one studio LP, and has the attention of the entire world (as well as an astounding amount of coverage on NPR). I know Beiber will most likely go the way of Leif Garrett, or Donny Wahlberg, which helps, but i also know there is a mountain of teenage brats waiting to take his place when he falls.
It's clear that many others are tired of the world wide obsession with him as well, and are sick of turning on the radio to hear news reports that Bieber prefers older women and black girls... That really happened, and that is really not news. his father did take him to get a tattoo, and why there is not world wide parental outrage, should be news. (The tattoo is a seagull on his hip, and my 7 year old nephew thinks it's totally gay).
Already there is an army of full grown adults who spend most of their free time harassing the hell out of him and trying very hard to sabotage his carrier. there have been very elaborate internet hoaxes proclaiming his death, his various STD infections, cult ties, and that his mother is an aspiring playboy bunny (please, at 34, she was too old for Playboy the year after she gave birth).
But for now we have to deal with his self absorbed (and totally redundant) titles such as my world (EP), my world 2 (LP) and First Step 2 Forever: My Story (autobiography). He has a face i do not trust, and he is playing at the YUM! bucket on November 10th. tickets $70-$309.


ALAN said...

Awesome editorial! He does get a lot of coverage on NPR, it's weird. Can't wait to read more.

johnking said...

Thanks Alan! i hope it encourages our readers to comment and offer up their opinions too..