Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: The Deloreans "American Craze" LP

The Deloreans first LP "Love Outrageous" was quietly released in the summer of 2009.  Supported by the success of their Louisville is for Lovers vol.9 effort "La La Love" and Heavy rotation of their explosive track "attacked by a panther" on WFPK, sales of Love Outrageous steadily rose and over the next year The Deloreans  became a main player in the louisville scene.
Love Outrageous is a quick paced montage of poppy guitar hooks and waves of "ooh ooh's and ahh ahh's", creating a wonderful soundtrack for late night house parties and impromptu 'in the car karaoke' sets. though a perfectly decent  pop album, and a very successful effort for the bands first try, Love Outrageous was in search of a  perfect radio friendly hit.  
now 2 years Later, the band's sophomore release "American Craze", has abandoned the equation for the perfect 3 minute pop radio jam, for an expansive journey into America's love affair with pop music and pop culture, resulting in an expansive road trip into musical genius.
The album begins with a familiar tone, "Gatsby" is a retooled version of the song "American Craze" from the 2010 Louisville is for Lovers "Anniversary" album, and is a nice bridge between the Deloreans first album and this new one.  Starting off quietly,  the vocals and guitar work become gradually less and less contained, finally erupting uncontrollably before falling completely into silence, just before a lullaby brings us back into focus, as if preparing us for the completely out of control, and inevitable ultra popular track "Buffalo".
Buffalo's expansive "wall of sound" drum and vocal tracks encompass and transport the listener into a surreal musical journey through love and passion is a prelude to the rest of the album.
on this latest LP the band relied more on ambient room sounds and clever recording styles rather than built in sound board effects that gives the album endless layers of texture.  This alone is worth picking up the album, but as American Craze unfolds, the songs become more and more complex showing the true talent of these musicians that is rarely seen in todays pop music world.  the dueling guitar solos on "Leviathan" and drum driven "Animals" are a testament to the bands dedication to their craft as well as front man J Perry's mad scientist style conducting.  This balancing act of musical skill and pop rock glamour climaxes on "landslide"; a playful romp into the alluring side of romantic deception.
This ruckus album takes a slight departure on the album's last track "Dear", a dreamy and perfect ending to this trip tic through pop music's high points, as there is not a dull track in this 11 song, nicely packaged  and brilliant album.
If "Love Outragous" was the vehicle that introduced The Deloreans to Louisville, then "American Craze" should be the one to bring them to the rest of the world.

American Craze will be released tomorrow, Jan.18, and is available at Ear X-Tacy and at Read our interview with Deloreans frontman J Perry here.

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