Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: New Year's @ Vernon Club

NYE 2009 at Vernon was one of the most fun New Year's Eve i've had. The Danny Glover Cover Band was full of energy, well rehearsed, and armed with a no lull set of dance and party hits. the place was packed with sweaty hipsters making out with anyone at arm's length.  about the only complaint i could think of was the decision to keep the doors locked until eleven PM, forcing scantily clad ladies, and sharp yet underdressed fellas shivering in the cold. but soon enough the dorrs opened, and all was well.
this year started in the same manner, except it wasn't as cold out there, but it was rainy.  The line moved slow, and it was 11:30 pm before we got in the door. And since Vernon closes at 2, that's not a very long time for a $15 event (though it was advertised as 10pm-4am). The other serious issue was that the club was seriously under staffed. It took a long time to order a drink, so a lot of people ordered many at once and just double fisted (which for NYE, is totally acceptable).  also, there where two tables covered with champaine glasses ready for the mightnight toast that were never filled or handed out.  I assume this was due to the staff being so overwhelmed.
when i decided to go to this event, I was reminded of a quote from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy which is as follows: "We've been going to the same party now for 12 years and in NO way is that depressing."
 if the party is good, it's not depressing, but i tried not to expect the same party as last year (or last years, as the Glover Cover Band has done this for several years as several monikers such as: Danny Glover Cover Band, and Wax Glover Motherfucker), as there where some major changes. last year's party was produced by Daniel Sanders/Magnolia Photo booth,  this year by Land of Tomorrow, also last year the band was headed by Drew Sellers (and two lovely ladies whose names escape me), this year by Brian Vega and Rachel Hagen. 
This year the band started while i was still in line to get in, and soon after i got in it was Midnight, but this year i was lucky enough to be standing near a pretty lady (or two). but right after, the manager asked if i could help sling drinks while the line at the bar was long. and i did, that was fun actually, i have been bartending for most my adult life but haven't been behind the bar all year. unfortunately a lot of the bar staff were snippy and cranky, which some people were overheard suggesting that they had the right to be since it was so busy, but really when your getting piles of money thrown at you, you should be able to muster up a smile. especially when costumers are waiting 15 minutes for a High Life.
it was a fun night, people were kissing on each other, and some people were in various stages of nudity, but not nearly like last year where you could hardly make it to the bathroom without plenty of good natured grab assing and drive by make outs.  the band last year was also in various forms of nudity and man handling, and seemed way more excited and awhere of their surroundings. Not to say The Crispin Glover Cover Band didn't pull off their duties, because they did a fine job, but there is something to be said about a band that can turn you on just by watching them, and last year was definitely a sexually charged sweat fest. Glittertitz played after, and they usually always do a good job of pushing the sex vibe, but they didn't a lot of time on the tables. this is probably due to the misconception of Vernon's closing time. which is a shame, because things were just heating up when we were all ushered out. on the way out, we were all given free t-shirts, which had nothing to do the band, or bar, or anything i could think of. mine said "Captan Soul" and had a drawing of a super hero or perhaps a wrestler of sorts.
The general consensus was to go to Nochbar, but once my van full of inebriated passengers and i got there, it was fairly quiet. but the NYE electricity was still flowing, as almost everyone i was with managed to (sloppily) pair up wander off into the rainy night. as for me, i was home by 3, my earliest NYE in memory, but all in all it was a fun night. it was definitely not the same party as last year, but i'm not hoping for the same year as last year either.

Brian Vega and Rachel Hagen of CGCB

Crispin Glover Cover Band


rebecca smashing the champagne glasses 

Tattoo flashing on the dance floor

allyson and mr. king late nite at Nochbar

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