Thursday, January 20, 2011

J Perry's "BEST OF" Lists

Best local shows of 2010:

1) in october fake Pj Harvey and fake Joy Division played at Zanzabar.  They might not have been the real thing but I doubt if the real thing was half as good as these bands were that night.  Though it was a cover show, best local performance of the year for me.

2) nerves junior at the opening for the New Albany store, The Dandelion, was excellent.  echnical problems aside, it was a great performance including an ace cover of Pixes' 'Caribou.'

3) Broken Spurs were great at their Forecastle performance.  total domination.

4) Yardsale (rip) played an excellent show at the vernon.  it was sad because it was their last.  But they played great and in between sets, piping through the PA, i discovered Broadcast's song 
Before We Begin.'

5) Ky Prophet at Sunegross Coffee Shop.  attendance was small, but KYP didn't care and does his thing like there's a million people regardless.

6) whistle peak at the new albany ampitheatre.  love these guys and let's just say that they are in my, oooh, 'top 1' favorite bands in louisville.

7) jeremy irvin (solo) at wfpk live lunch for lifl.  he only had time to play one song but i was glad to hear him.

8) Ultrapulverize at all the shows i saw them play in 2010.

9) scott carney at nachbar.  
Whistle Peak in "Rock N' Roll Ballet" at New Albany Amphitheater

Best local songs of 2010:

1) the mack - you're just one

2) whistle peak - land to land

3) saredren wells - to live in dreams and memories

4) The Gallery Singers "David Bowie Eyes"
The Gallery Singers David Bowie Eyes 7" cover

Best Songs of 2010:

1) toro y moi - leave everywhere

2) beach house - zebra

3) mgmt - flash delirium

4) washed out - feel it all around

5) broken social scene - world sick

6) lil wayne - single for the night
Lil' Wayne

Best movies of 2000-2010:

1) there will be blood

2) let the right one in (swedish version)

3) russian ark

4) funny games

5) the life aquatic

6) stay
Let The Right One In

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