Wednesday, February 2, 2011

37 FLOOD Stats and Give-A-ways

Since we have been looking back at 2010, we thought we would share our stats and averages..

Average number of posts per month: 24
Average number of visitors per month: 5,000-6,000
Average number of visits per year: 66,000
Average number of Give-A-ways per month: 1.5
Average number of people who enter  Give-A-Ways per month: 1
chances of winning a 37 Flood Give-A-Way: 100%
Number of Give-A-Ways right now:1

We are giving away a CD of the New Deloreans "American Craze" as well as a signed copy of the Louisville is for Lovers "Anniversary" Album.  Just share with us your favorite Music, Movies, Books, and Videos from last Decade and you could win. Enter by Feb. 5th.
Please visit our "Best Of" Page to see our Fav lists..

Who watches the Watchmen
The Watchmen is one of John's favorite movies of the decade/ever.

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