Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Chance: Independent music downloads the independent digital music alternative to the goliath, Itunes, has announced abruptly this month that it will be closing on Feb.15th. After contacting the site's managers, it seems they can't compete any longer with the Apple super store.
This is bad news to Ear X-tacy and Louisville Is For Lovers, both of whom use Thinkindie as their Digital Distributer. It's bad news for you to, as Thinkindie is the largest digital distributer of indie bands, and indie stores in the US. Sites like can pick up some slack, though Thinkindie offered free downloads, promotional downloads, rare exclusives, and price setting by the client.
This weekend is your last chance to pick up downloads of all Louisville Is For Lovers valentine's day comps (almost fitting that Valentine's day will be the last day to pick up these albums), as well as FREE albums,  EP's, as well as Ear X-tacy only releases and compilations.
Louisville is for Lovers page
Ear X-tacy Page

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