Sunday, February 20, 2011


one of the most popular projects we have done here at was the Louisville Zombie Attack T-shirt Design contest... It was really crazy and a lot of fun. So, when we heard about a similar contest we jumped at the chance to participate.
As we mentioned in January, the New Deloreans album, American Craze, comes with paper doll versions of the band members, and the band has asked listeners to cut out the dolls and take pictures of them in crazy scenes. viewers on Facebook can 'like' the pictures and the 3 top winners get some really creative prizes:

-1st prize is a giftcard to Earxtacy in the amount of $50 + a test pressing of American Craze.
-2nd prize is a $20 gift card to Earxtacy + a test pressing of American Craze.
-3rd prize is a 12 pack of Harpoon Leviathan beer, delivered IN PERSON and drank LIVE by the entire
band with you + will perform an unplugged version of The Delorean’s song of your choice right in your living room! So fire up your crayons and your pencils!
Heres John's efforts:

 View other submissions here.
Please get your images ready by April 8th and post it to The Deloreans Facebook page.
View the official contest FAQ here.

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