Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MMJ-in-Louisville Documentary premieres 5/31

Los Angeles Documentary filmmaker Michael Feld, and former MMJ drummer Chris Guetig have teamed up to produce a 30 minute doco about Louisville's favorite export playing at the Yum! bucket in october 2010, and this film will be available exclusively in the Circuital deluxe box set that hits shelves on 5/31.
Feld says of the film One Big Holiday "this grassroots film tells a story about the unique relationship
between a band, and an emerging American city that has its own distinctive heritage and blossoming indie music scene."
Guetig and feld have been nice enough to share with us the production photos from the film "One Big Holiday" as well as the official tailer for the film below.

the Circuital deluxe box set is available at www.mymorningjacket.com/circuital/
My Morning Jacket plays The Palace on Tues 5/31

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