Thursday, May 5, 2011

WFPL stands behind the cancelation of SOA

As the public outcry against the cancelation of 'State Of Affairs' picks up, WFPL pushes back with a comment on their Facebook page today. "our local programming continues and will grow, is you will hear int he[sp] coming weeks, but change is a part of that growth." LPM vice president Todd Mundt continued with "While some listeners enjoyed the show, we also had a clear mandate for change from our audience. Since the change, we've received a number of compliments for the replacement program. We celebrate what we've done before, but it was clearly time for a change."
Well, it seems there is also a clear mandate to save local programing, and preserve the small portion of a public voice we have left in local radio, as there is a grass roots campaign growing to bring back SOA and to have more of a say in local programing.
Paul Carney, Creator of the 'Bring Back State Of Affairs' Facebook page, posted "I think a lot of people don't understand what the change is leading toward. We see things disappear right after they're celebrated for a fund drive, we see an uptick in snippet coverage, and we see more national programming . . ."
As we are supporters  of local programing and the belief that we should have a say in it, we will continue to post about this discussion, and hope you will share your comments about local programing and the loss of SOA.

Visit the Bring Back State Of Affairs FB page here.

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