Friday, July 15, 2016

7/15-17 what to see at Forecastle (editor's picks)

All everyone seems to be talking about in Louisville this week is Forecastle. And all everyone seems to be saying about Forecastle is how the so many of the anticipated acts seem to be on sunday; And I agree with that. Most of what I am looking forward to is on sunday too, but there are also some great acts Friday and Saturday too. Here are my picks for Forecastle 2016:

1200 - Friday 3pm Ocean Stage

 Jecory 1200 Arthur may not be widely known outside of Louisville, but that may change after Friday. 1200's live shows are always entertaining.

Ghostland Observatory - Friday 8:30 Ocean Stage

 Glitch and glitter covered festival beats don't get much much better than this.

Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear - Saturday 1:30pm Boom Stage

 Caught Madisen and Mama at Zanzabar a few months back and it is well worth a repeat viewing.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sunday 6pm Ocean Stage

Social and personal (as well as sexual) positions covered from all sides.

Joan Shelley - Sunday 2pm WFPK Port Stage

 Louisville Girl done good.

Ryan Adams - 9:30 pm Mast Stage

Most of the time Ryan Adams irritates me, but every now and again he does it right.

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