Sunday, July 17, 2016

Forecastle 2016 Day 2 Review

Forecastle dust explosion. Photo Cred: Spooky Fitzgerald
Day 2 kicked off without incident (unlike the rocky start to Day 1) with seemingly the most interesting acts being earlier in the day and on the smaller stages such as Jazz Cartier at 1pm on the Ocean Stage. I still do not understand why the Electronic/Hip Hop stage (Ocean Stage) is always stuck under the overpass. It creates this overwhelming reverb that doesn't work with electronic music. Almost any other genre would sound better in an echo chamber than Hip Hop/Techno. It almost feels like they have a hip hop stage to appease some people but don't care enough to put it somewhere that works.
Overlapping the Jazz Cartier set was the impressive Madisen Ward and the Mamma Bear on the Boom Stage. Which is unfortunate for fans of both, especially given that everything interesting seemed to be before sunset on the small stages; leaving the main stages with Safety Pop and Ensemble Pop such as the headliners Alabama Shakes. In years past the main stages hosted more diverse acts such as Big Boi, Devo, and Outkast. These days the main acts seem to be a revolving door of the same AOR bands like Beck, Avett Brothers, and Flaming Lips.
Jazz crooning the Fan Girls  Photo Cred: Spooky Fitzgerald

Jazz Cartier playing to an enthusiastic crowd at 1pm Photo Cred: Spooky Fitzgerald

Ladies love Jazz Cartier Photo Cred: Spooky Fitzgerald

The next big hit of Day 2 was Teddy Abrams and Friends on the WFPK Port Stage at 6pm, with a multitude of surprise guests and local heroes including Scott Carney, Kevin Ratterman, Jalin Roze, and many many more.

Scott Carney with Teddy Abrams and Friends Photo Cred: Marife Bautista

1200 and Jalin Roze with Teddy Abrams and Friends

The WFPK Port Stage remained the stage to be on Saturday evening  with Nashville's All Them Witches whipping up the crowd into a frenzy with their personal brand of Murder City Devils-eque Doom Rock, right after Philadelphia pop punk band Nothing. 

All Them Witches   Photo Cred: Marife bautista

All Them Witches on Port Stage. Photo Cred: Marife Bautista

Member of Nothing 

Alabama Shakes   Photo Cred: Marife Bautista
Headliners Alabama Shakes ended Day 2 on the Main Stage to crowd delight, albeit a calmer ending than in past years.. Alabama Shakes had to compete with the howling sounds coming from the Party Cove  for those who chose a more chemical induced book end for Saturday night.
Party Cove: The adult(ery) only section of Forecastle.

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