Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Photo Review: Forecastle 2016

Photographers: Marife Bautista, Spooky Fitzgerald, and John king

John King, Duce, and 1200.

A Member of NOTHING

Joan Shelley & Nathan Salsburg

Ruban Neilson of unknown Mortal Orchestra

Blackberry Smoke

Femi Kuti and the Positive Force

Pokey Lafarge

A member of Nothing

Alabama Shakes

All Them Witches on WFPK Port Stage

All Them Witches

Teddy Abrams & Friends

Scott Carny 

Forecastle Themed Cash Machines
(Sigmund Freud could explain all the inner meanings going on here)

Arron Behrens (Left) and Thomas Ross Turner (right) of Ghostland Observatory

Ghostland Observatory

2015 SG 'Best Stage Moves' Award winner Aaron Behrens of GLO

Port Stage. Bully.

Bully on WFPK Port Stage

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