Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bid house art show at Bernheim 8/28

Artist and Musician Brad White spends his free time putting together themed art shows, such as motorcycle and muscle car art shows, and next month he is curating a birdhouse themed art show @ Bernheim Arboretum.
the show is packed with nearly 50 artists, including many music/art related peeps you may know, such as Leticia Bajuyo (featured artist at Forecastle), Lyndi Lou (of Zombie Attack fame), Aaron Conaway (of Lava House fame), me (john king), Billy Hertz (of hertz gallery), and Barney Bright (the late sculptor and founder of Bright foundry).

The opening will be at Berheim Forest, August 28th from 6-10pm.
Artwork will be displayed throughout the trails around Lake Nevin and
in the Lake Studio. There will be beer, food, live music and
Bernheim's 1st Pecha Kucha event (.pecha-kucha.org) at the Sunset
Amphitheatre. Regional environmental organizations will be on hand
providing education on biodiversity, sustainability and effective ways
of re-introducing indigenous species back into altered habitats. For
more information visit www.bernheim.org

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