Sunday, July 25, 2010

review: Cougar Express at Glassworks

just about anything on top of the glassworks building equals a good time, and when the music is something worth hearing it makes the view that much more worth while.
on Friday July 23rd Dangerbird, The Instruction, and Cougar Express hauled they're battle axes up 9 stories and slayed a max capacity crowd behind the backdrop of the mighty Ohio.
Dangerbird started the night with their patented Stones+Pine Club sound, which is actually a good combo, added with frontman Brian Grey's between song banter, there is no wonder they have a loyal following.
The Instruction followed with what their manager, Cory Greenwall, described as a "Vhs or Beta" related sound. actually i think they more sound like a Smiths + Suicide with a 16 candles kinda feel. even though i never had really gotten into the whole electro-dance resurgence, i did enjoy it. but what really knocked my hair back was the way too loud, and strangely sexy Cougar Express. these boys were so loud that people on the street a block away followed the sound to the roof like a snake to St. Patrick.
They have been making waves around town lately, and it's no wonder with their dueling axe solos like Black Sabbath and Fog Hat beating each other to death in a heart shaped bed with satin sheets. this distorted sultry sound in no short way draws in the peeps, as well as more high heels and shorty shorts than i've seen in a long time. this may be to the band's 'dirty pretty boy' look and front man John Burke's sexy nerd appeal (think if Bun E. Carlos and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick had a baby). and as no surprise, there was more real live cougars there than at ladies night at Jim porter's.
Guitarist Bob Scott says he has no idea why the cougars started popping up to their shows, and that the name Cougar Express and the Cougar outpouring is a coincidence, and the name was supposed to just sound super american. either way, they have the sound to melt panties, and that sound doesn't care who's panties they are.


The panty melting Cougar Express

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