Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forecastle: day one in review

Forecastle reminds me of camp. a lot of people crammed into a one space, walking from tent, to tent, sticky, hot, exhausted, and excited. everyone is instantly your buddy, just because you're all willing participants. the first day didn't seem overly packed, but enough to feel like you we experiencing something worthwhile, or about to. i caught ADVENTURE on the east stage, which unfortunately had a small audience for such a BIG stage presence. they played as if there were thousands of us watching. good job boys! those of us who were there greatly appreciate it!
next up was Cirque Bezerk!! a scaled down show from their normal LA gig, but fantastic, and strangely sexual. an old world Tom Waits meets Henry Miller kinda affair with lots of people nearly breaking their necks in barely any clothes. worth a repeat viewing absolutely.
the perfect ending to day one, was a absolute spot on lucero get down. maybe even more so, playing behind the Ohio river and singing "and this big ol' river will kill us in time, till then we'll drink it's weight in cheap beer and wine" to an enthusiastic and sloppy crowd. rumor has it, that they were stuck in traffic on I-65 and subsequently showed up late, so their set wasn't they're normal hours long sing a-long, but they played well, and with excitement, and rocked out louisville crowd favorites such as "Bikeriders" and Jawbreaker's "kiss the bottle". they ended the night with just keyboards with frontman Ben Nichols quietly singing "fist full of tears" to a grateful crowd whom joined in at the corus "if i've done one thing right, now i'm saying goodbye, so darlin don't cry". a perfect ending to a perfect set. bravo boys. (listen to this song from forecastle on "DAY 2 REVIEW" post here).
on now to day 2, with cake, and DEVO, and a reformed Smashing Pumpkins. we'll see you out there!
Adventure:small crowd/big sound

Roo from Cirque Bezerk and John king.

Lucero, white as ghosts, breaking hearts on the shores of the Ohio.

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