Wednesday, July 7, 2010

cut the fat/kill the flavor: more FORECASTLE picks

mister John King has been on vaca in north carolina this week, but is back and with a wicked farmer's tan, and ready to dive into forecastle. in keeping with Dylan's pick post, here is what i am looking forward to. there's a mountain of bands packed into a little weekend, and there's no way to wade through it all. but we are gonna try..
here's my picks: DEVO (if you only see one, see this one), Lucero (if you only see two, see this one drunk), Black diamond heavies(if you only see three, see these two guys)...

once apon a time DEVO was a cutting edge punk band black diamond heavy sexpots

of the local line up, get in there and see it all if you can, but don't you dare miss: the children, the fervor, iamis, adventure, parlor, whistle peak, the deloreans, six white horses...

one fervor's back

and what else? cake could be worth the walk if the beer line is too long, she and him (she's cute, he has a few good records out there) , spoon & flaming lips(for old times sake), and cirque berzerk could be a nice break from sweaty musicians. there's a lot going on, if you've got $150 to spare we'll see you there.

dylan and i are gonna try and cover as much as possible for you, check in for pics and reviews, and please share your own with us as well. let the games begin!

John on vacation in the carolina pines.

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