Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CROPPED OUT 10/1-3 2010

if you are a fan of live music, but are worn out by these luke warm summer fests with tired talent and bloated ticket prices, then there is a new music fest that might just be what you need... CROPPED OUT, brought to you by the small regional label Sophomore Lounge, has a mountain of regional bands (louisville, nashville, chicago, Chapel Hill, New York) for an easy to swallow price: less than $50 for the 3 day weekend! this looks like a great time, and it's at Turners on the Ohio River (you can't beat that with a piece of drift wood).

schedule: FRIDAY NIGHT($10)10/1 (PFH RECORD RELEASE/CROPPED OUT KICK-OFF)-KINGFISH (3021 Upper River Rd.)Fielded (Chicago, IL) 8-8:30 Sapat (Louisville, KY) 9-9:40 Julianna Barwick (Brooklyn, NY) 10-10:40The Phantom Family Halo record release show (Louisville, KY) 11-11:40 Moon Duo (San Francisco, CA) 12-12:45

SATURDAY 10/2($18) (INSIDE STAGE)-AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.):The Highlife (Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL) 4-4:30 Rabble Rabble (Chicago, IL) 4:50-5:20 LUSHES (Brooklyn, NY) 5:40-6:10 Slow Horse (Chicago, IL) 6:30-7 Prideswallower (Louisville, KY) 7:20-7:50 Wishgift (Chicago, IL) 8:10-8:40 Straight A’s (Louisville, KY) 9 9:40 Parlour (Louisville, KY) 10:05-10:45 CAVE (Chicago, IL) 11:10-11:45 Young Widows (Louisville, KY) 12:05-12:50 Pissed Jeans (Philadelphia, PA) 1:10-2

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)
Alex Barnett (Chicago, IL) 1:45-2 Learner Dancer (Indianapolis, IN) 2:15-2:40 Nzambi (Louisville, KY) 2:55-3:20
SKIMASK (Boston, MA) 3:35-4 DAD (Chicago, IL) 4:15-4:45 Geffika (Chicago, IL) 5:05-5:35 Life Partner (Louisville, KY/Chicago, IL) 6-6:30 Natural Geographic (Louisville, KY) 6:50-7:20 MEAH! (Chicago, IL) 7:40-8:10
PC Worship (Brooklyn, NY) 8:30-9:10 CACAW (Chicago, IL) 9:30-10:10 Ga’an (Chicago, IL) 10:30-11:15

AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.)
Brett Sova (Chicago, IL) 3:05-3:30 Sean Walsh & The National Reserve (Brooklyn, NY) 3:50-4:20
Heavy Cream (Nashville, TN) 4:40-5:10 Animal City (Chicago, IL) 5:30-6 Idiot Glee (Lexington, KY) 6:20-6:50
Warmer Milks (Lexington, KY) 7:10-7:40 Rude Weirdo (Louisville, KY) 8-8:30 FLIGHT (Taylor, MS) 8:50-9:25
Golden Boys (Austin, TX) 9:45-10:20 JEFF The Brotherhood (Nashville, TN) 10:40-11:20 Magik Markers (Brooklyn, NY) 11:40-12:40

SUNDAY 10/3 (OUTSIDE STAGE)-AMERICAN TURNERS (3125 Upper River Rd.): Softcheque (Louisville, KY) 12:25-12:55 Reading Group (Louisville, KY) 1:10-1:35 Gangly Youth (Louisville, KY) 1:50-2:15 Spectre Folk (Brooklyn, NY) 2:35-3:05 Tinsel Teeth (Providence, RI) 3:25-3:55 PUJOL (Nashville, TN) 4:15-4:45 Giving Up (Garner, IA) 5:05-5:40 State Champion (Louisville, KY/Chicago, IL) 5:55-6:30 Catherine Irwin (Louisville, KY) 6:45-7:20 Spider Bags (Chapel Hill, NC) 7:40-8:20 King Kong (Louisville, KY) 8:40-9:20 Sic Alps (San Francisco, CA) 9:40-10:35 visit for tix sales and more info.

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