Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12/4 The Black Shades @ DCE (& album review)

The Black Shades are a four piece band from Bowling Green KY, releasing their third EP, We Are The Black Shades, on december 10th. the band keeps close to the classic sound that bands with the word BLACK in their name tend to have.. hard-ish rock wrapped in a hook heavy candy coating. Imagine the The Killers making a 5 song baby with The Deloreans while blending both their wardrobes.  Their fuzed out, keyboard and tambourine driven tracks like "gimmie action" and "oh oh ah ah"  would be a nice addition to a Pass heavy playlist.

The Black Shades are playing Derby City Expresso on Dec. 4th. Their new EP will be released Dec.10th.
if you like The Black Keys, The Black Diamond Heavies, or The Black Angles, you  might just like The Black Shades.

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