Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Editorial: A Plea for Sanity (on election day)

This editorial could also be called A Plea For Kindness. This maybe not the the proper place for me to beg everyone to please do the right thing today at the ballot box, but i have been so worried lately, i feel obligated.
this midterm we seem to ahead of schedule 6 years. first,  republicans take control and funnel all the money into their pockets while screwing the little guy, then the american people get fed up and vote in Democrats who have to clean up the mess. with all the mess cleaning there is little time to actually make a difference (also Dems never seem to want to fight dirty, i say if Repubs do it, so should they) and the Republicans take advantage by telling us that homo erotic fetus eating foreigners are about to kill our children and they weasel their way back into office. anyway that's how it looks to me.
every 8 years the americans flips sides, once because the republicans are bankrupting america fiscally and morally, and again because they think democrats will hand the keys over to terrorist loving meth heads. It drives me crazy, but at least there is always a brief moment when someone in office tries to right the ship again.  but this time it's different. this time the democrats barely got 2 years before we abandoned them again. this country is fucked, it pains me to think it's about to get a whole lot worse.
growing up with Reagan and George the 1st in office sucked. we were poor, super poor, living in previously abandoned buildings downtown, living off what food stamps could provide.
and then Clinton took office and some how did the impossible by turning national debt into surplus and i had the chance to be a young artist. it was pretty nice, i made enough money to travel the world, because there was enough money for everyone. of corse that meant the super rich didn't have every penny and worked hard to change that. and ever since George II took office (and repubs do what they love to do, and throw us back into debt) i've had to work minimum wage jobs and save every penny just to scrape out some art/music projects now and then.
now i've been out of work on and off for a few years, this month i've had both the water and power turned off, and i can't  believe were about to let Hal Heiner and fucking Rand Paul fuck us even more.
Times are tough, it started way before Obama, and it takes time, i know this.
I remember the first time  i was embarrassed to be a Kentuckian, when we as a state voted to change our constitution to keep Gays and lesbians from marrying. honestly, who cares what other people do with each other? it doesn't effect us, it's just hateful. we all deserve equal rights. honestly i do not care who Hal Heiner puts his dick in, really. but this man is openly against the Fairness Act. what a perfect asshole. We all deserve equality and happiness, not just straight white rich assholes.
I'm tired of these idiots winning elections just because they peddle hate and terror. what we need is someone who wants to make sure we all can afford to feed our families, that health care isn't just for the privileged, and not some silver spooned punk who scares us into letting his friends get richer while we all get fucked.  These people are not looking out for our best interest, just their bottom line. Hal heiner is a hater, he is against equal rights, and that is not someone we want representing us.  I don't know if Fischer is the best choice, but he is at least not some lunatic that thinks global warming is possibly a myth.
Please please vote. vote for equality and goodness, or at least not for someone who hates others just because they don't want to fuck who he wants to fuck.
on a quiet street in St. Mathews literally half the houses are for sale and the other half have Hal Heiner banners.

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