Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Halloween

Well, it was a long weekend, and hopefully for you filled with mountains of miniskirts and naughty nurse costumes. as you may well know, i spent most of the last 2 weeks dreaming of wedge heels and kitty ears, and i did indeed see plenty of the sort, though mostly they were waiting in long lines out front of nite clubs. 
My Halloween started at a coffee shop, trying to talk one of the baristas into some short shorts and heading off to a party with me. this did not happen.. but it did set me back an hour and by the time i made to The Cave, the show was over. The Cave is an underground cavern on Lexington Road owned by Artist Mike Ratterman, and occasionally has music and art events. On saturday Joe Manning, Joan Shelley, and The Spirit of the Red City played. and from all accounts, it was a fine time. 
After that i headed over to The Dead Bird Studios, run by Dave of Cabin. Cougar Express, Dangerbird, and The Bad Reeds played. well, by the time i got there the neighbors had punched someone and the show abruptly ended. but from what i hear, The Bad Reeds were on fire, this is the second time i barely missed them play, and will not make that mistake next time.  
From there it is only a hop skip and a jump to Zanzabar, so i headed over there. but apparently so did everyone, there was a line around the block, and it wasn't moving. I'm sure the PJ Harvey and Joy Division sets were very fun, as no one inside wanted to leave. 
So, i decided to pack it in, it was after two, and i successfully missed about half a dozen bands i wanted to see. on the way home i did happen upon a Sailor Moon pissing in a parking lot. So all was not lost.

A blurry Joe Manning with Jenny (Mullet Maker) and Payton (Arabian Horse Breeder) at The Cave.

The Cave (Actually a man made cobblestone cavern).

Artist Matt Weir with a stuffed Monkey and fake brain.

The stoic monk Brian Grey(of Dangerbird) with Shane poole (of The Two Timers) at The Dead Bird.

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