Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bro. Stephen and John Davey tonight at DCE!

Bro. Stephen and John Davey are playing a free show in Louisville on Nov. 17th at Derby City Espresso. Bring a friend. Bring your mom. Bring your mom's friend (you know, the one who spends the night every weekend). Anyway, it'll be a nice time drink coffee and beer and coffeebeers and water. And tea.

Bro. Stephen is a collection of songs written by Scott Kirkpatrick. At times they are sung in hushed tones, alone, and untethered; other times they are propelled by the backing force of hazy guitars and mountains of voices. Which side you get just might be a surprise. He has recently released a couple of EPs and is prepping to release a 7" on Crossroads of America Records and a full-length in the next short while.

John Davey is one of the hardest working songwriters out there and he's from just up the road in West Lafayette, IN. He has been touring full-time for over 3 years now and has played shows in almost every state of this union. His songs indicate his time on the road as they are often ruminations of the toll the road takes or the high cost of relationships. These thoughtfully composed and artfully expressed songs are disguised as pleasant earworms that will snuggle in your brain for days to come.

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