Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! (Happy New Look)!

Happy 2017! We hope it is a grand one for you! 2017 marks a special occasion for us, as it is our 10th Anniversary! We began in March 2007 when Kory Johnson began 37FLOOD as a way to connect with other audiophiles about the music scene in Louisville Ky. We have since grown to cover music and culture in the Ohio Valley area including Cincinnati, Lexington, Nashville, and St. Louis! We have also expanded our coverage to include not just music, but art, social, political, and cultural news! And we are always looking for new writers in these areas to contribute (send us an email here)!

To help celebrate, we have updated our website for easier viewing, with Interview, Event Reviews, Music Reviews, Political Columns (Editorials), and Best Of pages! We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook too! But the easiest way to keep up with us is by signing up for our Newsletter here:

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To celebrate a new year and our 10th birthday we have also updated our look!
here are some of our previous looks:
2017 Banner

2010 banner

2016 look

2013 look

2008 logo

2009 logo

2017 logo (a homage to the first logo)

Here are some of our previous posts on the changes over the years:
2010 changes
2013 changes

Over the years we have also been featured in other publications including the LEO and New York Magazine!

New York Magazine coverage

LEO Magazine coverage
(not their 2010 cover, but the one we suggested they could use)

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