Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview: Drew Miller of Lucky Pineapple

John King talks to Drew Miller about the end of Lucky Pineapple, playing with Okkino and Another 7 Astronauts, and on new projects, favorite bands, and summer dreams.

JK- in February, Lucky Pineapple announced their last show on may 20th (at headliners w/ Ultra Pulverize), what brought on the break up?

DM- I think it had a lot to do with the fact that we each wanted something different from the band. That was the seed of all the problems. And in any relationship, once you reach a point where you loose faith in what is developing interest and motivation start to decline. The whole process became a bit of a chore and we got to the point where we couldn't really communicate with one another on a constructive level.

JK- will the entire band be there on 5/20? any surprises?

DM- Unfortunately I don't think OKIE (Benton) will be able to make it back from New York. Not sure if it counts as a surprise but we will be playing some NEW songs that we had been working on for the next album.

JK- 7 years is a good run for any band, any looming regrets or unanswered questions?

DM-I had only been in the band for the last two years, but 7 years is a pretty good run! The thing I wanted more of was to tour more and desseminate our music a bit more, but it is tough with such a large group...just the logistics of being on the road is a nightmare. It takes more than just a minivan! Other than that the whole experience was awesome!

JK- I know Will Benton has moved to NYC with Phantom Family halo, what has the other members been getting into?

DM- I know Matt has been playing a bunch of shows with his band the Teeth, JC has been playing and touring with Cheyenne and working on A7A, Dan is also playing with A7A and helping me in a new project d'arkestra. Not too sure about everyone else.

JK-I know you and JC are in Another 7 Astronauts, how do you feel about working in another large band?

DM-I really like the possibilities that playing in a large ensemble presents, especially when it comes to writing for the group. Scheduling seems to always present a challenge but it is totally worth it! Plus that band doesn't always include such a large orcehstra. JC has a vision for the band and sometimes the music dictates a smaller group. We'll be playing a show in April in this smaller format.

JK- what other projects are you working on?

DM- my main project is okkino. we are in the experimental rock/fusion headspace. Think of a mix of zappa, radiohead and coltrane... we have been playing for about two years now. I also have been working on a new project called d'arkestra that is a tentet. It has a bit more traditional big band format in the way the music is written and arranged but has a modern vibe with the harmony and compositional approach. okkino and d'arkestra will be doing a free show march 31 at Zanzabar that will also include an old school cutting session after the sets... i am also playing with Another 7 Astronauts and soul band Junk Yard Dogs.

JK-what other louisville bands have you been paying attention too?

DM- being a musician is a seven day a week job. between playing with four bands and freelancing, writing and most importantly practicing...i dont have a ton of of time to invest but i try my best... that being said I really like the straight a's. I think they are very progressive with what i call avante garde punk!! and pretty much anything dane waters does is golden! Her voice really knocks me out!

JK-what have you got planned for the summer?

DM- The summer is shaping up to be pretty eventful. I am going to try to record a couple of albums with okkino and possibly d'arkestra and will be doing some out of town shows. I am just looking forward to being very productive!
OKKINO & D'ARKESTRA will be playing at Zanzabar on Thurs 3/31 8pm FREE


velvet morning said...

Nice interview. Sounds like the break up of LP will lead to some other really cool projects. A7A is always a good show!

johnking said...

I agree on both fronts VM.
although it`s sad to see LP go, there are already some really great projects happening by LP musicians...

William Benton said...

I have often said that Drew is possibly the most talented person I have ever shared the stage with. I miss that guy a lot. -WB