Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Broken Spurs @ Zanzabar 2/26

It took me a while to post this but I think my ears just now stopped ringing. The Broken Spurs rocked the Zanzabar with a great set two Saturdays ago. Frontman Adam Kramer was celebrating his birthday so he was in rare form, which for him, is really saying something!

These guys never fail to bring energy, bravado, and huge stadium-worthy guitar licks but this night they seemed bigger than ever, if that's possible for this band. Perhaps it's because the venue was so small. I love Zanzabar and they book great acts, but when going out to see a show it's nice to have room to breathe somewhere other than the smoking section and be able to get a beer in less than 15 minutes.

Anyway, check out the Broken Spurs next chance you get! And check these videos I took that night. Like what you hear, pick up their new album "Natural Disaster" out on Sonablast! Records, available at Ear Xtacy or iTunes.

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