Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Menomena this friday at Headliners 3/11

This friday brings Portland, OR rockers, Menomena to our fair city at Headliners. I first heard about Menomena in early 2007 when Friend and Foe was released and absorbed it for several months; it's still constantly in my rotation and the newer album Mines, while a bit more tame, is just what i needed!
Menomena also had a release in support of record store day 2010; a 7" split with the Helio Sequence (available now at their web store and i'm sure at the show this friday.)

Tickets are only 12 bucks at the door and the show starts at 9 pm so getcher ass out this friday and keep bands like this visiting Louisville! Local band Interstates (not a band to miss either...) supports the bill.

Here are some tunes you should familiarize yourself with if you haven't heard them and to pump you up if you have! See you there!

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