Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Deer Meet Album out now!

Earlier this month, Deer Meet released their second album, You Can Walk Across It On The Grass to the masses and the wait was worth it! Jimmy Angelina, Scott Nethery and Troy Williams bring sounds of rock, punk and psychedelia to my ears! Tracks like "Old Man" and "Why Aren't we Here?" really get my head moving and it's all together a very fun rock album! For some reason and i've said it before, Angelina's voice harkens to the days I listened to Beulah non stop for a summer; he's just an excellent songwriter!

Not only is the new album great but after shooting some shows and recording sessions over the past couple years I was given a rough demo of the tracks and asked to let my imagine guide me to create photographs that would be used for the album artwork. I gave the disc a listen and for some reason a boat kept coming to mind. I didn't fight it and found a little boat kit I could build and paint. I spent several weeks just looking at the tiny wooden boat and listening to the demos to see what it would evoke. I shot some in the grass in the dark with lighting and then put it back on the shelf until i decided i wante to see the boat on fire so I grabbed a lighter and set it afire! In my career as a photograher, I haven't been given many freedoms to create what I please unless it's a personal project that i just need to get off my chest. This was one of the most fun assignments I have yet to take on. I'm proud this great group of guys are from right here and Louisville and let me use their music to express myself!

The new album is available now at ear X-tacy, iTunes and their bandcamp site here.

Here is a video for their first single "Old Man"


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