Monday, April 18, 2011

Deloreans photo contest winners!

You may have read that for their release of American Craze, The Deloreans held an art contest, with really fun prizes!  their LP came with paper dolls of the band, and they asked everyone to display the dolls in fun poses and send in the pictures.. we did some, and we even placed! here are the 3 top winners:
Kate S Wins!
First Place winner of a $50 gift card to Ear X-tacy and a Test Press of American Craze!

Well, well, look at this! we came in 2nd place with my picture of the gang at the beach!
looks like we'll have a nice Test Press to add to our rare record collection! 

Phaedra J won 3rd place with her photo of the band climbing a pair of breasts, from her mammogram  scans. The Deloreans will be showing up at her place to play her a song in her own living room and will share a beer or 2 with her!
congrats and thanks to everyone who entered and to the band for letting us be a part of this!

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velvet morning said...

The Deloreans were AWESOME. The Gallery Singers played too... equally awesome. It was an EPIC time.