Monday, April 25, 2011

Editorial: Goodbye State Of Affairs

Last Thursday Julie Kredens hosted "State Of Affairs" for the last time. After 14 years the local call in show got the axe by WFPL radio, suspiciously right after the spring membership drive.. and perhaps we are to blame.
When we call in and pledge donations we are asked what our favorite programs are, and the ones that get the most name drops are in the clear. The ones we may forget, are in jeopardy. Now, I don't always enjoy the topics on State Of Affairs, but I always appreciated that the program existed.
 At one time, public broadcasting was seen as a public trust, where the issues of the public were voiced, and the opportunity to bridge the gap between the people and the public leaders was available. These days more and more TV and radio stations are going the syndicated route, and the local public voice is preempted for nationally and internationally produced programs.
State of Affairs allowed Louisvillians to speak with our mayor and city officials on a regular basis, as well as teach us about our own city history.  Louisville is such a unique town, and SOA allowed us to get to know some of the amazing people that help make Louisville unique like Bob Hill, David Inman, and Wild and Wooly video's Todd Brashear.
  I have Learned a lot from SOA, and I am ashamed to say, I didn't really realize it until it was gone.
Lately I have been getting annoyed by WFPL rebroadcasting the same program several times a day (or over and over all weekend in the case of A Prairie Home Companion.. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like that show).  And the syndicated programs I do enjoy like Radio Lab, have so few episodes, that just get replayed over and over. SOA had new material everyday. I'm sure it was more expensive to produce than to just pick up a syndicated program, but I believe it was necessary. how quickly we slide into a singular global identity,  long is the road back.
Julie, I've told you before, you are a talented person, and I have no doubt what ever you do next will be a success.  State Of Affairs gave a voice to the city, and I thank you for all your work.  You will be missed.
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Loren said...

Very well put, John. I, too, will miss 'State of Affairs'.

johnking said...

Thanks Loren! Perhaps WFPL will have a change of heart. and thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with us.. and my errors:)

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to start a "Bring Back State of Affairs" Facebook page and see how many people we can get on board with this.