Friday, April 1, 2011

WEEKEND EVENTS CALENDAR 4/1-3: Nothing going on at all, all weekend

There is nothing good at all,  all weekend. stay at home. don't go out. obviously this is my attempt at an April's fools joke. I wanted to post something cruel or  insane, but couldn't come up with anything good. In high skool, a rumor spread like wild fire that the beloved local music venue 'Lazer Blaze' would reopen on April 1st, and Kinghorse would play.  it was a good joke. although i never really liked practical jokes.
eventually Lazer Blaze did reopen. Kinghorse never showed up, and they never had local music again. but they did add a Cosmic Mini-Golf, and it's pretty awesome.
4/1 Cage the Elephant with Biffy Clyro and Sleeper Agent @ Headliners, 8pm, SOLD OUT
4/1 Cougar express, bad blood at Glassworks 9pm $10

4/2 Wide Spread Panic @ The Palace

4/3 The Books @ Headliners

4/1-3 second '2nd most awesome art market' at glassworks

As a side note, our post 'Oprah asks 37 FLOOD to interview THE JUDDS' was supposed to be put up at midnight on April 1st, but since it is such a crazy story, I thought people would take it as an April Fool's prank and dismiss it.. so at the last minute we posted it at 11:30 on march 31st. But it's a true story, and totally nuts. Now Get Out There and Go Nuts!


velvet morning said...

I heard there wasn't going to be a Zombie Attack this year. Care to comment?

johnking said...

well, it's been a hard road getting ZA20011 together.. the city and neighborhood associations aren't making it easy. but we are doing all we can.. it may be just like always, or it maybe held in another location, but you can't keep a dead man down, as they say...