Friday, April 1, 2011

Our April Fool's revealed:

Yesterday I posted in our 'calendar of events' that I had wanted to do an April fools joke, but couldn't think of anything. I was then contacted by Deloreans frontman J Perry, who let me in on his april fools joke announcing the break up of his band and announcement of a new project of all summertime electronic songs called CH@ CH@. it was an amazing and very elaborate set up, their website had been changed, all signs of deloreans erased, with a press release and new songs added from  'CH@ CH@'. So we picked up the 'story' and even interviewed him about this. Below is that story (and original comments from readers), and you can still pick up a free download of CH@ CH@'s single:

This morning we woke up to a Press Release from The Deloreans frontman J Perry marked "URGENT".  Being the sleuth reporter i am, i went back to bed. When I finally got up I had realized I had slept through one of the biggest Louisville music stories of the year! The press release stated that after the stress of releasing the hit album "American Craze" (read our review here) fighting erupted from the band over which direction the deloreans should focus on for their new album slated for this summer.  After weeks of squabbling, half the band called it quits, and the remaining members thought it better to rename the band out of  respect to their fans and former members. The band will continue on as CH@ CH@ (pronounced chat chat), and will be be focusing on the style of Chillwave.
As the record label Louisville Is for Lovers announced earlier that 2011 will be the best summer ever, CH@ CH@ decided incorporate this ideology into writing all songs for and about Summertime hanging and chillin'.
The press release goes on to state:
"After terribly unfortunate recent events which resulted in losing some (60%) of our band members and feeling tired of the plurality of our band name, The Deloreans regret to inform you that we are moving on from the project. Unfortunately, you’ll not again see or hear from us - not in this incarnation anyway. Please believe that this was a very difficult decision. You all have been so very kind to us and we have had the time of our lives with you.   Thanks to everyone that supported us along the way - We Miss u already.
 If it’s any small solace, the remaining members have begun a new project inspired in part by nostalgia for the ‘chillwave’ summer of 2k9 with the specific goal of writing and recording nothing but summer jams.” read more on the deloreans website.
 I called Deloreans guitarist Lorne Pilcher and asked about the new CH@ CH@ and if he was involved, and he said "Chillwave, not on my watch", called me a sellout, asked if I was stilling coming over to his cookout sunday and hung up. no sir, I will not.
 I then called J Perry, who was very excited about this new direction, and asked him a few questions:
JK- why the change?
JP- Yeah
JK-why now right after the big release?
JP-we just, like, got tired of guitars and real instruments and stuff. tired of riding those weird rockwaves. want to ride chillwavves now!
JK-why is the new single named after the last single? is it a reworked song, or all new with just the same name?
JP- just want to get like a 3.6-5.9 on p4k or something. and want more buzz bucks too, yall. it's all about the CH@CH@ from here on out.

CH@ CH@ will be playing latter this summer on the glassworks rooftop as part of the Louisville Is For Lovers 'Summer 7" Series'. 


Jay Perri said...

yo, thanks for the support 37! hope everyone enjoys this new single from CH@CH@! let's meet up for a chill sumtime!

velvet morning said...

Ummm April fools?! I hope so

Jehy Pair E. said...

no april fools, bro! in CH@CH@ land, everyday is summer. and april ain't no summer. smmr jmz 4evr!