Saturday, April 9, 2011

Louisville Is For Lovers SUMMER 7" SERIES Announced!

"Are you ready for the best summer ever?" Proclaims the Louisville is for Lovers website, Announcing this weekend the line up for the Summer 7" Series to resume on the Glassworks rooftop in May.
Started last summer at Glassworks,  The Gallery Singers & Another 7 Astronauts saw a capacity crowd, with a free 7" vinyl record at the door with all new music. It went so well, Louisville is for Lovers has decided to throw one a show every month through the summer, with a FREE 7" at every event. Bands:ADVENTURE-THE BAD REEDS-SCOTT CARNEY-COUGAR EXPRESS-THE DELOREANS-THE GALLERY SINGERS-WHISTLE PEAK-WORKERS.
just $10 an event or $33.33 (33 and 1/3 dollars, get it?) for a season pass, only 250 tix/records per event, visit for tix & more info.


-Friday may 5/27 The Bad Reeds & Workers

-Friday june 6/24 Cougar Express & Adventure

-Friday august 8/19 Scott Carney & The Deloreans

-Friday september 9/16 Whistle Peak & Gallery Singers


velvet morning said...

Hey who did the image... I likey.

Loren said...

Hi, John! I am sure that someone has pointed this out already, but just to make sure...The Carney/Deloreans show date on the posters says Friday, August 18th, but should read on the 19th (since that is Friday). Poster looks great by the way! Anyhow, this series is gonna be amazing. Very excited.

johnking said...

oh, uh-oh. i need an editor:) i will make that change, and thanks for pointing that out.
also, Lyndi Lou did the image design for the poster and will be making more of them for the 7" covers. they are pretty great (also see the spaceship image in the corner...)!
see you guys out there!!